10 Best Retaining Wall Ideas for Sloped Backyard in 2022

retaining walls in the backyard

Facing a sloping backyard? You’re not alone. Retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard Sloping backyard is one of the most challenging landscaping dilemmas homeowners face. These can be tricky to navigate and with flooding becoming more frequent it is important to ensure your backyard is safe.

Retaining walls are an effective way to bring the yard’s grade level up to the desired height, or vice versa. There are several alternatives and decorative ideas for creating your own unique styled retaining wall, which is perfect for sloped yards. Investing in a retaining wall may seem like a daunting task, but it can be a great deal of fun. And not to mention it’ll make your backyard look lovely. Here are 10 retaining wall ideas for a sloped backyard that you can use for your sloped backyard.

Best 10 Retaining Wall Ideas For Sloped Backyard

1. Seating wall

Seating wall in the backyard

Unlike traditional retaining walls, a sitting wall is more upright and does not require any type of structure on the earth behind it. It has the added benefit of making a great spot for enjoying outdoor activities like grilling and playing. It also has an irregular shape that fits more naturally with sloped landscapes. Sitting walls are often used in gardens or yards with sloping terrain because they are aesthetically pleasing while still being functional.

One way to create a sitting wall that will function as a retaining wall at the same time is to place a series of stacked cinder blocks along the slope as far as desired. Do it until they reach as close as possible to the back of the house. The blocks can be placed across from each other, or alternated for a less uniform look.

2. Raised garden beds

It’s hard to find the right spot for the perfect garden, and any flowers or vegetables planted there will be difficult to reach in a sloped backyard. A raised garden bed is an excellent solution for this dilemma as its height will allow you to work on your plants without stooping over. The best part is that it can double as a retaining wall, which can drastically reduce the expenses and labor involved in building one. It adds functional space to your yard.

By turning your retaining wall into a raised flower bed you can make the backyard more attractive. Once you plant the area with plants, it will start to look like a serene oasis in your backyard that will stand out among greenery. You may even consider adding some decorative items like solar lights for an added touch. 

3. Raised patio

raised patio in the backyard

In a sloped backyard, a raised patio is an attractive and cost-effective alternative to a retaining wall. A patio can go against the slope of the land without adding too much height to the yard. The project will be relatively quick and easy to build, which is especially helpful for any homeowner who does not have much time or money. It provides the same benefits as a retaining wall without all of the hassles. It will also provide space for all of the things you need in your backyard. 

This will also make it easier to access your backyard without having to climb or walk up a steep hill. It includes the fact that it is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It also provides wonderful outdoor living space for families and friends to enjoy themselves.

Besides, there are several options for materials that can be used on the patio itself, so homeowners will have some flexibility when deciding what they want.

4. Water feature

If you have a sloped backyard and want to create a pleasant aesthetic, consider a water feature with the retaining wall. A water feature is a beautiful addition to any yard and it can be customized to fit you. Not only will this look better than with the boring old retaining wall, but it will also be beneficial for your lawn as the water from the source provides necessary nutrients for your grass.

In addition, water features will turn your backyard into an oasis with the sound of running water and the serene atmosphere it creates. It also reduces energy costs by cooling the air with evaporative water, adding life to the yard with plants, shade, and more. These would make the yard more usable.

Water features can be of various forms: from ponds and streams to fountains and reflecting pools. They’re typically constructed with concrete or stone and can even be integrated into landscaping for a more natural look.

5. Add storage shed

One of the most common problems homeowners face is limited storage space in their backyard. It can feel like there are no other options but to rent out the basement or garage to store excess items. However, there is another option- building a storage shed with a retaining wall.

It is a great way to store extra items. A shed with a retaining wall will retain the soil on the yard’s slope, while still allowing water to drain away. The shed can also serve as an excellent place to store gardening tools and other backyard necessities. If you are having trouble finding the perfect spot for your backyard storage, or you need help filling up your outdoor space, building a shed and retaining wall is a great idea!

6. Rock wall

Rock wall in the backyard

Instead of the traditional cement retaining wall, you may cover it with rocks, giving it a natural and rustic look. Not only does this make for an aesthetically pleasing backyard, but it also serves as strong protection against flooding during heavy rainstorms or snowmelt. 

Rock walls have many advantages over traditional retaining walls, including lower cost, ease of construction, and flexibility of design. Doing the work yourself will save on labor costs as well.

7. Create multi-level backyard

Multi level backyard patio

Utilizing a retaining wall in the backyard can help to create a multi-leveled space that makes better use of a sloped yard. Building a multi-level backyard is much easier than you might imagine. When deciding where to put the retaining wall, take into account that it should not be placed in an area where it will block light from entering your home or cause your yard to flood after rainfall.

Building a multi-level backyard can be an intimidating task, but with proper planning and good construction practices, it can be done. The height of this wall should be based on what depth you want your lowest level to be. To create a multi-level backyard, you will need to excavate soil for the first level before building it.  The next thing is to draw patterns of where you will build the different levels and make sure there’s enough space for stairs or ramps between them. You can also install an informal path to lead from one level to another.

8. Add wooden barrier

wooden barrier in the backyard

In order to make a sloped backyard safer and more accommodating, One good option is to build a retaining wall with a wooden barrier to make it easier for people to walk around the slope. This will also prevent any slips or falls, as well as provide a sense of security. It makes the space more usable for children or pets. The materials should be durable and functional while being aesthetically pleasing. A newly constructed wooden fence should provide both safeties from animals and other hazards while allowing for easy access to the property. 

It will make your backyard look more natural while still creating the desired effect. The sloped backyard wood barrier with retaining wall combination incorporates both natural elements and modern construction. It provides an amazing transformation by providing a comfortable sitting area with dramatic views.

9. Add pockets on retaining wall

Add pockets to retaining walls in order to plant flowers and enjoy the gardens surrounded by lush greenery. It provides easy access to plant new flowers and replace old ones. It can be used to display native, non-invasive plants with ground cover. Adding pockets to a retaining wall in a sloped backyard is an inexpensive way to beautify the space with flowers. You can beautify this more by selecting from multiple varieties of flowers with different heights, textures, and colors. You’ll also be able to place potted trees or shrubs. 

The benefits of adding pockets are that they will give your backyard a personal touch. You can have many different types of plants with different colors and blooming seasons. In addition, it is easy to maintain due to the fact that it is contained within a small area.

10. Decorate with climbing plants

Wall and climbing plants in the backyard

There is no better way to add a natural and welcoming touch to your home than with flowers and plants. One of the most popular, and accessible, methods for adding greenery to your home is decorating a retaining wall.

Adding climbing plants to your retaining wall can give the space a more natural look and feel. They will create a shield from the sun, which can be especially beneficial in hot climates and provide shade for those who find themselves walking alongside the wall on a regular basis. If you are seeking to block off an unsightly view, then planting vines directly on the wall will be able to do so. It doesn’t even need any additional materials.


You are now equipped with 10 ideas on how to make your retaining walls for your sloped backyard more unique. We recommend that you consider the length of the slope, the current vegetation, and any existing utilities before deciding on a retaining wall solution.

Feel free to share your suggestions in the comment section.

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