10 Small Backyard Pond Ideas

small backyard pond ideas

Do you have a small backyard? If so, don’t let it stop you from making your very own backyard pond! 

Ponds are a great addition to any backyard if you’re looking for something simple but still beautiful. They can serve as a water feature or as an area for wildlife to thrive and enjoy. There is so much more than just the pond itself, though. Deciding what you want to do with it can be difficult and is usually dictated by the size and type of the pond. It becomes slightly difficult for those with a small backyard to have a pond. This list of 10 small backyard pond ideas might help you get started with your pond design. These small ponds are easy to create, maintain, and care for with little planning. You’ll find yourself enjoying them in no time! So, let’s get started.

1.Table Pond

Table ponds are a new trend in the backyard design world. These small, table-like structures can grow various kinds of plants and flowers or even be turned into a surface for recreation. They’re not just cool – they’re practical!

In a small space, the table pond is one of the best ways to give your backyard a serene setting. While smaller in size than other backyard water features, this is still a fantastic way to add some quiet relaxation to the home. They are easy to install and even easier to maintain. The small amount of space needed for this project makes it perfect for people with small yards, who don’t have much time to maintain their yard or are just starting out with landscaping.

Table ponds come in various shapes and sizes so it’s important you know what type of pond you’re looking for before starting construction. You can decorate it with shells and pebbles. 

2. In-ground pond

Smaller backyards may need something unique to provide ambiance and function, such as an in-ground pond.

It is a good option for those who want to enjoy the water in their backyard but don’t have the space for a traditional pond. The pump is installed at ground level or partially buried underground with an in-ground pond, which saves space above-ground. It offers a dramatic effect without taking up lawn space. It can also serve as an attractive focal point that brings guests into the yard. 

The first thing you need to do is measure out the desired size and how deep you want it to be. Or you may just invest in a professional landscaping company that can create the perfect design for the specific space.

3. Walkway Above Pond

While most people see their backyard as a place to relax and unwind, some people see it as an extension of their house that they use for entertaining guests. One way to create this space is by installing a walkway above the pond. It is for those who are looking to create more room in their backyard. It is both functional and scenic. 

They provide you with an easy way to access the water. You’ll be able to sit on the edge of the deck, put your feet in the water, or perhaps even fish from your own personal pier. It can also make for a great viewing spot for guests who are passing by your house. Another benefit is that it provides aesthetic value to any yard.

Create a walkway using bricks, decking or paving stones. These materials are ideal because they give you the opportunity to make a path with curves and other special shapes, rather than limiting you to straight lines.

4. Raised Pond

backyard raised pond with waterfall

Raised ponds are a great idea for people with limited space or anyone who wants to create an inviting backyard oasis. It is a suitable option for those who don’t want to spend the time, effort, and money that goes into having a full-blown pond in their backyard. 

This requires less labor to create, is not as expensive as other options, has limited impact on the environment, and can be built almost anywhere. There is no need to dig up any ground and you can plant around it if you like, too. This can be built with just a few hours of work, they are simple to maintain and safe for nearby pets. 

It is functional and visually pleasing, creating additional space to grow plants, have water features, or other outdoor amenities. You can build in any size or shape which is needed for your area. That can also be aesthetically pleasing if they are decorated with plants, rocks, or other materials that you find appealing.

5. Container Pond

Container ponds are not just for large properties. You can have your own little oasis in a small backyard with the use of a container that could be repurposed from something else. It is essentially a large pot that you fill with water. These can be placed anywhere, including on decks or patios, and they require less maintenance than an in-ground pond. You can add a touch of serenity and promote biodiversity in your yard with a container pond.

It helps to add plants and flowers around it for color and life. These ponds can be made from plastic containers found at any hardware store, large drums, or other sturdy objects. It is quite easy to find containers that are used to keep things dry in the garage or garden shed, which you could easily use to fill up with sand or dirt to create your own private pond. You can also purchase one specifically made for this purpose at any home improvement store.

6. Under-deck Pond

In a small backyard, a space that is often overlooked for planning a yard pond is the space under a deck or porch. It may not seem like much to most people. But when done right, this space can have just the right amount of room for a small beautiful pond in an otherwise crowded backyard landscape. 

It is easy to maintain and can provide hours of enjoyment for all ages. It’s also perfect for those who want to put a little nature right outside their own backdoor! The flowing water and the soft sound of falling water will create a soothing environment and give you a feeling of being transported to another place and time. The stream can be used as a natural irrigation system, which will help save money on your hydro bill.

7. Patio Pond

Overlooking your very own personal backyard pond can be a great way to enjoy sitting on your patio. However, the size of the pond may not be able to fit in your backyard. Patio ponds are often little enough so that they can fit on the patio without taking up too much room. This is perfect for smaller backyards or homes that do not have large areas of space available. The great thing about patio ponds is that they are designed to be placed securely in the ground, eliminating fears about pets or children falling into them. They also allow for an unobstructed view of your backyard. Plus, there’s no need for a hose, because the water is always ready for use!

Patio ponds add tranquility and beauty to small backyards. It can transform a lawn into a magical place for relaxation and entertainment. In addition, the sound of running water provides a soothing ambience that is perfect for gatherings or just a nice sit-down with a good book. It also helps to mask city noise that may otherwise disrupt the peace and quiet of a small space.

The installation of a pond is easy and it only takes a little more time than the installation of a standard garden. The best part about installing a pond in your backyard is that you can decorate it however you like and make sure that it matches the rest of the landscape. Installing a pond will give your backyard that perfect finishing touch.

8. Multi-level pond

A multi-level pond requires less surface area because it can be built up rather than out. It is where you build up multiple levels of water with different depths. One such type of pond can be easily constructed in a small backyard. It will give your garden a great focal point while providing a habitat for wildlife to thrive in. That will add beauty and character to a space. Create a tranquil environment and can even help reduce your electric bill. It is also relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

With this type, the water levels on the different levels are separated by rocks or gravel, preventing any fish from traveling upstream.

9. Fish Pond

The great thing about having a fish pond in your small backyard is that these types of ponds are the perfect way to bring nature into your backyard. Plus it can help you promote wildlife in your area by attracting local animals that feed off of the bugs attracted by the freshwater.

It can be an ideal addition to any outdoor living space, serving as the perfect place to relax and spend time with kids while playing with fish.

They are very low maintenance with only the occasional need to clean the pond bottom or replace some of the water with fresh water once a year.

There are many different types of fish that can be used in your pond, but based on what you want to use it for, you’ll need to choose the right type of fish. For example, if you want trout or salmon, then they will need cooler water than goldfish or koi.

10. Under-stairs Pond

A small pond tucked under the stairs can be a great addition to gardens and patios in a small backyard. The pond is easy to install and clean, perfect for those with limited space. Most of the time, it doesn’t require any additional water for fish or plants, as they rely on the natural rainfall from above. With a little bit of care, it can be turned into living art in your backyard.

Understairs ponds can provide serenity in a smaller garden or patio setting. It allows small yard dwellers to enjoy their own personal slice of nature right at home. This design not only adds practical value but aesthetic value as well. The small space can be used for seating or relaxing, giving you an open space to enjoy the outdoors with your family. 

It’s important to remember that just because the pond is in a smaller space doesn’t mean it has to be any less sophisticated. If you’re not sure where to start, you may consider hiring a professional to set it up for you.


A backyard pond is an excellent way to help create a personal escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. This can be just as relaxing and calming as larger, more elaborate ponds. Creating a small backyard pond can be done in a number of ways, and it does not need to be complex or pricey. Most often, people create their own backyard pond by making use of an existing pool or excavating and filling a hole dug in the ground with water.

Now that you’ve been given 10 ideas for small backyard ponds, go ahead and get started on one today!

Do share your thoughts and ideas for a small backyard in the comments section. Also, let us know which one did you choose to make your backyard more relaxing? It would be our pleasure to know.

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