Best Pond Plants for Koi

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Koi are colorful, tropical fish that can be found in many home aquariums. They need an environment that is the same temperature as the water they swim in and plants that provide a good habitat for smaller fish. If you have a pond, these plants will give your koi a comfortable place to live.

Koi fish require a lot of care and maintenance to thrive properly. One of the most important things in their environment includes the water quality and temperature as well as the food and living space they have. The best type of pond plant for Koi to live in is one that will provide oxygen to the water, shade from sunlight, detritus for bacteria, and cover from predators.

Why Add Plants to a Garden Pond?

Koi fish are an iconic species in the Asian style of garden ponds. They are admired by many people who have them because they are beautiful and come in a variety of colors. Koi fish do not live very long so it is important to have plants in the pond to create a habitat for other species. Some plants can also offer oxygenation services to help keep the water clear.

The benefits of adding plants to a koi fish garden pond include:

  • Increasing oxygen production for fish and aquatic life
  • Enhancing the appearance of the pond
  • Improving water quality by filtering pollutants and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Adding plants to your koi garden pond can have many benefits, some of which are increasing oxygen production for fish and aquatic life, enhancing the appearance of the pond, and improving water quality by filtering pollutants and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Benefits of using water plants within a koi pond

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Many homeowners love planting water plants in their koi ponds. The plants serve a number of different purposes, primarily because they stabilize the pond’s ecosystem and provide a home for koi that can’t find a place to settle. In addition, they provide shade for the koi and other fish residing in the pond, as well as food for those koi.

A lot of people enjoy having a koi pond in their backyard or garden, and many people find it difficult to maintain the water quality in the pond. One way to help with this is by adding water plants such as water lilies and lotuses to your pond. These plants can live without sunlight and only need an occasional drink of plant food in order to thrive.

The Best Plants for Koi Ponds

There are a variety of plants that will work well in a koi pond. Koi prefer plants that have larger leaves, which will help to shade the water from the sun. Water lilies are an excellent plant for a koi pond as they provide great shade and offer a lovely fragrance. In addition, they create oxygen, can support an herbivorous fish diet, and also produce nectar for additional food.

Water Hyacinth

Pond Plants for Koi - Water Hyacinth

Koi ponds are a great way to provide natural beauty to your backyard. They are important for the environment because they help keep the water clean without wasting precious resources. But what can you do if you don’t have a pond? You can buy water hyacinth, which is an aquatic plant that floats on the surface of the water and provides good cover for fish, as well as shade during the summer months.
Water hyacinth has become very popular in freshwater ponds for koi. Many people find the plant appealing because it is lightweight, floats on the surface of the water, and doesn’t clog up the pond with bubbles as most other plants do.

Many people who have a Koi pond as a backyard garden or as an outdoor structure will choose to use water hyacinth to decorate their pond.

Water Smartweed

Water Smartweed is a low-growing plant that thrives in wetland areas. Its invasive roots are an ideal feed for koi fish ponds, where they can filter out excess nutrients and toxins from the water. The plants have long, deep roots, which are good at filtering out particulates and other debris. They also provide food and shelter for insect larvae and smaller organisms that thrive among the leaves and flowers.

Water Lotus

Pond Plants for Koi - Water Lotus

Koi ponds are a delightful addition to any backyard. They provide entertainment and relaxation to gardeners and loved ones alike. However, the plants that live in the pond can quickly become overrun by algae and algae can quickly fill your pond. A solution many people have found is water lotus. Water lotus will float on the surface of your koi pond and can help keep algae at bay as it filters out harmful chemicals before they sink to the bottom of your pond.

The water lotus is a beautiful plant that can be used in ponds. It has three leaflets, heart-shaped leaves, and delicate flowers. The water lotus does not need to be planted in the ground because it can withstand being rooted in dirt or pool filters. All you need to do is set the water lotus flower pot into the pond with its roots immersed in the water. Since this plant likes to grow in still, deep ponds, it is perfect for koi ponds.

Water Lily

Pond Plants for Koi - Water Lily

In an effort to create a more natural environment for their koi pond, many homeowners have chosen to incorporate flowers into the design. One of these is the water lily as it is a hardy plant that will provide a safe haven for the fish and other aquatic life in the pond. The water lily can be planted at the edges of a pond or bedded in the bottom so that its leaves cover the surface of the water.

Water Lettuce

In recent years, many homeowners have been converting their ponds from common goldfish to koi due to their popularity. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it can be costly and time-consuming. However, if you are committed to the idea of growing a koi population within your pond, then you may want to consider adding water lettuce plants.

Water Lettuce plants are a great solution for a koi pond because they can tolerate a wide range of water conditions and has a low impact on the bottom of the pond. The plant is edible and can be harvested from late spring to early winter, which means that you will have fresh produce in the late summer and fall months when your garden is most likely depleted.


Eelgrass is one of the most important plants for any koi pond. Not only does it provide oxygenation to the water, but also provides shade and shelter for many fish. Eelgrass needs to be planted in areas with shallow water, yet still enough depth for the roots of the plant. One way to ensure this is to place some rocks over the seedlings before they are fully submerged in order to keep them at ground level.

Water Poppy

Koi ponds are beautiful and also provide a natural habitat for fish. Although they can be beautiful, they pose some challenges to maintain. One of those challenges is that koi need a constant supply of oxygen supply and the pond cannot be completely filled with water. Because of this, one way to boost oxygen levels and create an area for koi to feed is to introduce water poppy plants into the pond.

Water Iris

Pond Plants for Koi - Water Iris

Iris plants are a great addition to a home koi pond. Not only will they add color and beauty to the water, but they also provide a natural habitat for schools of tiny fish that hide in their leaves when danger is near. Water iris plants grow best in shallow water with lots of sunlight. They thrive in soil with a neutral pH level and after a year or so will cover an entire pond in a sea of gorgeous purple foliage.


Horsetail plants are a great addition to a koi pond. They offer a natural hiding place for fish and other aquatic creatures, as well as provide a safe haven for insect larvae that can be food for your fish. There is no maintenance to the horsetail plant – it will grow on its own and help keep your pond naturally balanced!


A common misconception among homeowners is that submerged plants in a koi pond are unhealthy for the fish. The truth is, the opposite is true. Koi have evolved to live in murky waters and enjoy their leafy surroundings. The more oxygen-producing plants in your pond, the better!


In conclusion, water lilies, water clover, and lotus are three of the best pond plants for koi and there are many more. They grow in a variety of conditions, provide food for koi, and help to filter the water in your pond.

Additionally, if you have a small pond or a container garden, don’t worry! There are many other beautiful and functional plants that will work well with your small space.

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